Taking On The Blue Wall Of Silence

The Blue Wall of Silence is defined as law enforcement's unwillingness to report a fellow officer's mistakes, misconduct or outright crimes. Under questioning, the police will deny being aware of witnessing any wrongdoing.

The informal pact that protects police officers against serious allegations, including police brutality, is a powerful, seemingly impenetrable force that denies victims of their basic civil rights.

Experience. Knowledge. Insight.

Lillian Diallo has gone up against the Blue Wall before even considering law school. In fact, an encounter with the police motivated her to pursue the practice of law. Friends and family members also victimized by blatant rule breaking only solidified her resolve to become a champion and a warrior.

As a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, she combines that insight with a comprehensive knowledge of the rules that govern Michigan law enforcement. Knowing the process from beginning to end helps her identify mistakes and misconduct in criminal cases, some that may have resulted in wrongful convictions.

Proactive Steps Toward Justice

Time is of the essence if you were a victim of police misconduct that violated your civil rights or resulted in wrongful imprisonment. Take action now so we can get to the facts of your case.

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