Battle Tested. Battle Proven. Battle Ready.

At Legal Warriors, PLLC, we live up to our firm's name. We understand the consequences of an arrest, criminal charge and conviction. We empathize with our clients who are suffering the aftermath of a serious accident.

Facing complex legal matters on your own ignores the powerful bureaucracy that everyone from law enforcement to insurance companies enjoys. The stakes are far too high to go at it alone. You need an attorney who is fearless. You need an advocate who not only outworks the opposing side, but keeps the pressure on them at all times.


Customized Representation Based On Your Specific Legal Problem

We combine our personalized representation with detail-driven investigations. That in-depth approach helps us get to the facts. Fighting for the best resolution requires strategizing to determine the best route to take. While plea bargains and settlements are often the best option, we will not hesitate to put our proven litigation skills to work in the courtroom.

Our practice of criminal defense, civil rights and personal injury in Michigan is not just our job. For us, it's personal. Life experiences have taught us that injustice exists in all types of institutions. Not all police officers maintain high standards of ethics and professionalism. Insurance companies more than willing to sell policies are not as eager to pay when a claim is filed.

That is where we come in to help. We have successfully taken on complex, high-profile cases and earned a reputation for getting results where others have failed.

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